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Koinonia Bible COLLEGE

Koinonia Bible College is an exciting new concept in higher Christian education. Our goal is to provide training in the ministry by offering a wide selection of courses designed to prepare the student for practical Christian service. Our approach to education is unique in that we offer our students the skills of pastors and teachers from many different churches. In this way, the student can remain in his or her local body and still be exposed to the gifts of a wide variety of experienced ministers.

Our desire is to be accessible and affordable, yet without compromising the depth of teaching. Our instructors are carefully selected for their area of expertise, as well as their spiritual commitment and knowledge of the Word.

Tuition costs are purposely kept low to make education affordable to as many as possible. About half of the tuition goes directly to the instructors. The remainder covers mailing and printing costs for the college. Registration fees pay administrative and office supply costs.

Our primary goal is to be a productive ministry to the Body of Christ. We offer quality teaching and instruction at reasonable prices. Koinonia is the Greek word for fellowship and we feel that this word best describes the philosophy of our school: to strengthen the Body of Christ by utilizing each believer's gift to the edification of all.

Therapon Institute

The Therapon Institute offers Biblical Counselor Certification based upon our exclusive faith-based therapeutic treatment model, Belief Therapy, not solely as an alternative to traditional treatment and recovery programs, but to help identify life-controlling problems and to process the deep spiritual recovery issues of hurting and healing people. 

Therapon Certification is recommended for any caring Christian desiring a full-time or part-time ministry helping hurting people (HHP) through the confusing maze of a wide range of recovery issues such as divorce, marriage counseling, grief, compulsive behavior, anger management,  problematic thinking errors, emotional trauma, abuse,  relapse prevention, and criminal recovery.

"And I recognize that many religious institutions fear involvement with government, because they fear it will compromise their core values and spiritual mission. That's why I support alternative licensing procedures, so effective efforts aren't burdened or compromised by government regulations."

                    President George W. Bush

                     (From) A Charge To Keep

                                                Perennial Publishing

The Therapon Institute conducts certification schools as well as CEU seminars. For more information, please contact us at (504) 328-2249.


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